Crowlands Wind Farm

Crowlands Wind Farm is located in Western Victoria’s Pyrenees Shire Council, 25km north-east of Ararat (205km west of Melbourne). The site was identified as an area highly suitable for efficiently capturing energy from the wind. Pacific Hydro’s Challicum Hills Wind Farm is located 40km to the south, which was the biggest wind farm in Australia when completed in 2003.

After a long period of consultation with the local community that began in 2004, the project was granted planning approval in August 2010. Following pre-construction assessments, consultations and reviews, the layout for the project has been refined and subsequently reduced. Development approval to construct and operate a wind energy facility at Crowlands was granted to Pacific Hydro in 2013.

Crowlands Wind Farm consists of 39 turbines that produce clean energy equivalent to the yearly needs of around 50,000 Victorian homes. The turbines are Senvion MM92 wind turbine generators, rated at 2.05MW each, with a maximum hub height of 100m and maximum blade tip height of 146.5m.

The wind farm reduces greenhouse gas emissions by providing a renewable energy source for the local and surrounding community, whilst assisting in reaching greenhouse gas reduction targets in Victoria and contributing to the Renewable Energy Target. Crowlands wind farm will abate 270,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Over its 25-year life, it will help reduce greenhouse pollution by more than 6.7 million tonnes.

Crowlands Wind Farm has been underwritten by the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project, a power purchasing agreement between fourteen leading universities, cultural institutions, corporations and Councils.

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Visual Screening Program

Pacific Hydro is offering visual screening for individual residences located close to the project. If you live within 3km of the project and wish to be considered for visual screening, please contact us.


Visual Screening Program

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

Bushfire Mitigation Plan

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