Taralga Wind Farm – Television Re-transmission Service

18 September 2018

Taralga Wind Farm operator Pacific Hydro has acknowledged recent issues with the television re-transmission service it operates in the local area.

The service has experienced a number of faults in recent months, prompting a full investigation, and a commitment to further investment to improve its reliability.

“We understand the importance of good access to television services – particularly in regional areas and during emergencies,” Pacific Hydro’s Engagement and External Affairs Manager Krista Kim said today, following a visit to Taralga last week.

“We know these interruptions have real impact. While the causes of some outages have been beyond our control, we have worked to upgrade and improve our equipment to ensure it is more reliable. Unfortunately, given their highly technical nature, these upgrades may take several weeks to be completed. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience,” she continued.

The main issues identified fall into one of two categories: external factors, such as local electricity network faults, or interruptions to the main broadcast signal received from the Wollongong/Illawarra area; and issues with the equipment at the TV retransmitter itself.

Since taking ownership of Taralga Wind Farm in 2016, Pacific Hydro has spent more than $100,000 on new equipment including a backup generator, remote condition monitoring and fault alarms, and purchase of crucial spare parts.

The company has also committed to purchasing a new backup battery, new cable joining equipment, duplicate antenna equipment, and further modifications to improve overall reliability. These works will occur over coming weeks.

In the event of an outage with the re-transmitter service or other television reception issues in the Taralga area, local residents are advised to:

  • check Pacific Hydro’s website to see if there are any known issues at www.pacifichydro.com.au
  • Re-scan your television (setting available through the television’s menu)
  • Contact Pacific Hydro on 1800 730 734 (call back service) or email enquiries@pacifichydro.com.au