Public support for renewable energy stronger than ever

3 September 2014

New research conducted by Crosby Textor shows that public support for retention of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is at its highest levels ever.*

The national study, conducted during August 2014, shows that public support for keeping the RET unchanged has continued to grow, with 82% of respondents confirming they want to see the current RET arrangements stay in place.  This is an improvement on a similar study, conducted in 2013, that showed 77% of respondents were in favour of the RET.

“Despite an unprecedented attack on the renewable energy industry over the last 12 months, it is very clear that Australians have made up their mind,” said Pacific Hydro Executive Manager External Affairs Andrew Richards.

“They want more renewable energy, not less.”

The 2014 study shows that support for retaining the RET at its current level is consistently high across all voter groups including 70% of Liberal voters and 82% of soft voters.

Respondents were also provided with a series of positive and negative messages about renewable energy. The research shows that a vast majority of Australians can see the benefits of a transition to a cleaner more sustainable energy supply for themselves and are not convinced by the arguments made against renewable energy.

“Renewable energy is more popular with everyday Australians than ever and it seems quite clear that a vast majority of people understand that it’s the right thing to do for their families and future generations. Increasingly, people understand that it makes economic sense to have cleaner forms of energy that take advantage of our natural resources.

“We think there is a clear message for our politicians in this. Australians want governments to aim higher and ensure Australia is a world leader on renewable energy.

“They definitely don’t want to go backwards.”


*Research commissioned by Pacific Hydro