Pacific Hydro welcomes National Health and Medical Research Council review into wind farms

27 February 2014

The review of wind farm health impacts released by the National Research and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released on 24 February, finding no evidence that wind farms cause direct health impacts, reaffirms our view that the technology is safe,” said Pacific Hydro’s executive general manager, Australia, Mr Lane Crockett.

This latest review by the NHMRC adds to 19 other global reviews looking into the issue. All found no causal link.

“Despite today’s finding, Pacific Hydro recognises that a small number of people continue to report issues with wind farms.  The cause of these issues still needs to be investigated and we feel we have an obligation to work collaboratively with these community members to try and better understand the cause of their issues and to identify solutions where we can,” added Mr Crockett.

The Australian company owns and operates six wind farms in Australia. Its Codrington and Challicum Wind Farms, both in western Victoria, have been operating in excess of 10 years without complaint.

“Our experience is overwhelmingly that wind farms are welcomed by the community and they do not cause negative impacts,” added Mr Crockett.

“However despite our experience and the outcome of this latest NHMRC review, we do not dismiss complaints.”

While being compliant with all regulations Pacific Hydro is continuing to work closely with a small number of residents at one of its projects to investigate reports that they are experiencing wind farm impacts.

“We are working collaboratively with residents to conduct additional noise monitoring which we would be happy to provide to the NHMRC and Federal Government should they wish to pursue further studies,” said Mr Crockett.

Pacific Hydro is considering if it will make a submission to the draft review.