Pacific Hydro challenges business to consider broader opportunities of ICT sustainability

2 November 2012

Information and Communication Technology, ICT, sustainability is growing in popularity as business looks for opportunities to improve efficiency in their operations and use fewer resources. But while ICT sustainability’s primary focus is on energy efficiency, Pacific Hydro says more companies should also consider sourcing their energy from renewable sources and or purchase offsets.

“ICT sustainability is an important area of any business,” said Mr Lane Crockett, general manager for Pacific Hydro Australia. “Pacific Hydro encourages business to consider a broader definition of ICT sustainability that also includes looking at where energy is sourced from and offsetting energy consumption.”

Google and Apple are considered to be leaders in this area with Google already having pledged to reduce its carbon footprint to zero.

“Reducing your carbon footprint to zero is an aggressive goal and one to be applauded,” said Mr Crockett. “But it is not easily achieved by any one measure.”

Importantly, Google’s approach is multifaceted and includes energy efficiency, carbon offsets and the purchase of renewable energy to power their data centres.

“While not all companies will be able to purchase 100% renewable energy, a hybrid mix of renewable electricity and carbon offsets from renewable energy could be worth considering,” added Mr Crockett. “This approach ensures business has a direct role in growing renewable energy in Australia as well as supporting local jobs and manufacturing in regional areas.”

For a number of years Pacific Hydro has been supplying large customers such as Rio Tinto, Horizon Power and Origin Energy with renewable energy through long-term power purchase agreements. The company has also been supplying its carbon offset product, GreenPower, to customers like NAB, VicRoads and the Victorian Government.

Pacific Hydro’s recent foray into the business retail market enables it to supply electricity to medium and large business customers that want to go the extra mile, tackling the impact of their operations in the environment while continuing to grow their sustainability outcomes.

Unlike other retailers, Pacific Hydro requires a minimum 10% GreenPower purchase as part of an electricity supply contract.

CleanEnergy by Pacific Hydro is the initial product offering which bundles electricity with 10%-100% accredited GreenPower.