New wind farm maintenance contract keeps local jobs and conditions

5 August 2016

Pacific Hydro Australia announced today that it has secured an operations and maintenance contract with TW Power Services (TWPS) for the Challicum Hills, Yambuk and Codrington wind farms.

Under the arrangement, TWPS will provide routine and responsive maintenance services for these pioneering Victorian renewable energy assets.

Seven Pacific Hydro maintenance employees will be transferred to TWPS with all current entitlements and EBA conditions to be maintained.

Pacific Hydro’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Fuge, said: “This new contract is a great outcome for all concerned.

“The contract will allow Pacific Hydro to focus on the tremendous opportunities that the Renewable Energy Target certainty provides, while ensuring that quality maintenance continues at our existing assets,” he added.

Employees being transferred will maintain their entitlements and conditions, and have access to broader professional opportunities at TWPS.

No redundancies will occur as part of the transition and TWPS will also continue to use Pacific Hydro facilities at Yambuk substation.

The new contract will be signed today (5 August) and commence on 5 September 2016.



Media contact: Adam Chandler – 1800 730 734