Negative Media Campaign has not Dented Support for Renewable Energy

16 June 2011

Australia’s leading renewable energy company, Pacific Hydro welcomes a watershed report released yesterday (June 15) by the national network known as 100% Renewable Energy, which provides further proof that Australians want to see a clean energy future.

The 14,000 Conversations report confirms that over 90% of Australians want more renewable energy and that 75% want to see a price on carbon so that business is made responsible for their greenhouse pollution.

“Pacific Hydro congratulates 100% Renewable Energy for the enormous effort in speaking to 14,000 households over the last few months which demonstrates once again that Australians want a clean energy future”, said Pacific Hydro general manager for Australia, Mr Lane Crockett.

“Through initiatives such as the 14,000 Conversations report and the Say Yes campaign, which is seeing tens of thousands of people rally for a price on carbon, we are starting to hear the voice of everyday Australians.

It’s a pity that some sections of the media continue to ignore this in favour of sensationalist headlines and misinformed commentary.”

In June 2010 Pacific Hydro commissioned research into attitudes towards our future energy supply. The research focused on a number of Victorian regions where wind farms were either operating or were proposed. This research revealed that people living in these areas overwhelmingly supported wind energy over gas and coal.

“There has been a lot of negative press over the last 12 months or so that has sought to demonise renewable energy technologies like wind and solar. Results like these show that Australians haven’t been conned by this onslaught of negativity and that they have a far better understanding of climate change and renewable energy than some narrow minded commentators would have us believe,” added Mr Crockett.

“We know there will always be people who are threatened by new technology and there will be those who oppose action on climate change. However, it is undeniable that most Australians want to embrace this clean energy future now.”

As the 100% Renewable Energy team have said “Just Get on With It”.