Local jobs and manufacturing a priority for Pacific Hydro

1 October 2012

In a statement reaffirming the company’s commitment to local jobs and manufacturing, Pacific Hydro general manager for Australia, Mr Lane Crockett today said that the Renewable Energy Target is not simply about increasing the amount of renewable energy in Australia and reducing emissions, it is also an opportunity to support regional employment.

“Pacific Hydro’s Australian wind farms have all been built using as much local labour as possible, including sourcing towers from local suppliers”, said Mr Crockett.

“Our view is that it makes good sense on a number of levels to support local jobs wherever possible to ensure that regional communities prosper from new industries operating in their area.”

The Renewable Energy Target will ensure that at least 20% of Australia’s energy comes from renewable sources by 2020.

With around $20 billion of investment expected to flow from the policy, the opportunity for much of this investment to be channelled into regional economies is huge.

“A lack of local job opportunities in regional communities leads people to move away to larger cities in search of work. This is not a good outcome for the sustainability of our regional towns or of our cities,” said Mr Crockett.

“Pacific Hydro strongly supports the use of local manufacturing, local jobs and sourcing local parts for renewable energy projects wherever possible. This is a critical part of building a strong local industry and ensuring we create expertise in this 21st century industry.

“We welcome the opportunity to start a conversation with government about an appropriate way to protect local jobs and employment without damaging important trade relations.”

Pacific Hydro operates six wind farms in Australia. Local towers have been used at all projects and an effort to create local jobs has been a priority for the company across all of its sites.