Nilgen wind farm project

The proposed Nilgen wind farm site is located approximately 9km east of Lancelin in Western Australia and will be our first wind farm development in Western Australia.

The total area of the site is approximately 3,454 hectares of which around 22 hectares will be used in the final development footprint.

The proposal will consist of up to 38 turbines with installed capacity of 104.5MW and will be able to provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of around 53,000 homes per year and abate 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

The site has been selected by Pacific Hydro due to its strong, consistent winds; proximity and access to the Grid (South West Interconnected System), existing land practices which can co-exist with the turbines, large area and low population density and good public road access.

The project is located at Lancelin and runs approximately 10km from Dingo Road in the North, to just north of Sappers Road in the South.

The permanent works take up less than 1% of the landholder’s properties, ensuring current farming practices can continue.  This also ensures a minimal environmental footprint of the project.

A similar amount of electricity produced by a coal-fired power station would use up to 800 million litres of clean fresh water each year.

Pacific Hydro aims to be an active member of the community.  We support local activities at all our wind farm sites and once a project is operational, provide a portion of its revenue back into local community organisations through our Sustainable Communities Fund.

For any complaints, enquiries, feedback about this project, please contact us at or 1800 730 734.