Keyneton wind farm

Pacific Hydro is proposing to develop a wind farm at Keyneton in South Australia. The site is located 6km west of Sedan and 10km south east of Angaston and runs approximately 15km north to south along the Mount Lofty Ranges.

On 6 December 2013, the South Australian Development Assessment Commission (DAC) approved the project, comprising 42 turbines with a maximum height of 145.5m from the ground to the tip of the blade (when vertical). The project is anticipated to generate over 325 gigawatt-hours per year, enough to power approximately 60,000 households. Local benefits from the project are likely to include job opportunities during construction, increased council revenue through rates from the project, and funding of local community initiatives through our Community Investment Program.

Community Engagement

With the project moving toward construction, Pacific Hydro has begun to re-engage with the Keyneton community. Project representatives would like to meet individually with residents living within a 3km radius of the wind farm. The purpose of these meetings is to enable Pacific Hydro to hear from its neighbours to understand each resident’s specific situation in relation to the wind farm and address any questions.

If you live in or own a property within a 3km radius, please contact the project team to arrange a meeting time by emailing or by calling 1800 730 734.

Pacific Hydro wants to understand individual circumstances for those living closest to the wind farm, and is committed to engaging with all of its stakeholders both face-to-face and via community information sessions. This page will be updated with the details as they are announced. In response to some questions already raised by the community, Pacific Hydro has prepared detailed answers which can be viewed here.

If you would like to receive project updates please register by emailing or by calling 1800 730 734.

Project Approval

On 14 December 2017 Pacific Hydro received an extension of time from the Government of South Australia to substantially commence development of its Keyneton Wind Farm and associated ancillary infrastructure. Under this new extension, Pacific Hydro is required to have substantially commenced the development by 29 November 2019 and completed by 29 November 2021. An indicative project schedule is available here (PDF).

For any complaints, enquiries, feedback about this project, please contact us at or 1800 730 734.


Pacific Hydro acknowledges that wind turbine generators are mechanical objects and, as such, create sound. Pacific Hydro is obliged to manage noise where it is generated. Noise – any noise – as it is perceived or heard by individuals will differ from one individual to another. Measureable noise levels at a given location are influenced by factors such as proximity to the noise source as well as topography, vegetation, and other objects in the landscape that may influence, absorb or “block” the free movement of noise. Notwithstanding this, Pacific Hydro is committed to working with its neighbours at Keyneton to understand the unique circumstances of neighbouring properties, their occupants and ways of mitigating operational noise, if necessary.


Development Application Report

The Development Application Report consists of two volumes; Volume 1 of 2 contains an Executive Summary and the following twelve chapters: Executive Summary Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Site Selection and Design Chapter 3. Project Description Chapter 4. Policy and Project Benefits Chapter 5. Community Consultation and Project Evolution Figure 5.1 (2009 60 turbine layout) and Figure 5.2 (2011 57 turbine layout) Attachment 5.2 Posters (LOW RESOLUTION) Attachment 5.2 Posters (HIGH RESOLUTION) Attachment 5.2 Photomontages (LOW RESOLUTION) and ZTVI (LOW RESOLUTION) ZTVI blade tip height (HIGH RESOLUTION) and ZTVI hub height (HIGH RESOLUTION) Chapter 6. Flora and Fauna Assessment Chapter 7. Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Chapter 8. Cultural Heritage Assessment Chapter 9. Noise Impact Assessment Chapter 10. Site Access and Traffic Management Chapter 11. Miscellaneous Matters Chapter 12. Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) Chapter 13. Development Plan Assessment   Volume 2 of 2 contains the following Specialists Consultants Reports: Appendix A: Planning Report (Nolan Rumsby) Appendix B: Proposed Keyneton Wind Farm; Flora and Fauna Assessment (EBS Ecology) Appendix C: Proposed Keyneton Wind Farm; Avifauna and Raptor Nest Assessment (EBS Ecology) Appendix D: An assessment of bats at the proposed Keyneton Wind Farm (EBS Ecology) Appendix E: Landscape Character and Visual Assessment Report (WAX Design) Appendix F: Cultural Heritage Site Assessment Report (ACHM) Appendix G: Noise Impact Assessment (Vipac)