Carmody’s Hill wind farm

The proposed wind farm site at Carmody’s Hill in South Australia is located on a ridgeline 7km east of Georgetown and runs approximately 18km north from Mt Misery. The total area of the site is approximately 4930 hectares, however only around 33 hectares will be used in the final development footprint.

Carmody’s Hill wind farm has a proposed nominal capacity of up to 140MW.  It is expected to have annual generation equivalent to the electricity needs of up to 85,000 households and will abate 501,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

The anticipated investment in the project for the life of the Carmody’s Hill wind farm (through construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning) is around A$350 million.

The site has been selected by Pacific Hydro due to its strong, consistent winds; proximity and access to the National Electricity Grid, existing land practices which can co-exist with the turbines, large area and low population density and good public road access.

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