Crowlands wind farm project

The Crowlands wind farm was granted planning approval in August 2010 after a long period of consultation with the local community that began in 2004.

Since the permit was granted, and following many and various pre-construction assessments, consultations and reviews, the layout for the project has been refined and subsequently reduced. The new layout will now include a maximum of 41 turbines and have a capacity of approximately 84MW.

At this size, the project will produce around 257 GWh of clean energy each year or enough power for the equivalent needs of around 51,000 Victorian homes. Once operating, the community will benefit from our Sustainable Communities Fund.

Pacific Hydro has commenced construction in August 2013. Unusually, we have started construction while still finalising some aspects of the project including commercial feasibility. This, coupled with some uncertainty around the Federal election and another proposed review of the Renewable Energy Target, will mean that construction will progress slowly and will take at least two years to complete.

For any complaints, enquiries or feedback about this project, please contact us at or 1800 730 734.