Clements Gap Sustainable Communities Fund

Pacific Hydro’s Clements Gap Sustainable Communities Fund delivers a portion of revenue from the Clements Gap Wind Farm back into the local community each year, for the life of the wind farm.

Since the commissioning of Clements Gap Wind Farm in 2008, the Clements Gap Sustainable Communities Fund has provided more than $440,000 to 118 local sustainable projects.

The Fund is a part of Pacific Hydro’s Community Investment Program, which has provided more than $2.7 Million to over 680 projects across Australia since 2005.

The 2018 Clements Gap Sustainable Communities Fund will be open in July 2018.


2017 Fund Recipients

Crystal Brook Cricket Club – Practice nets upgrade
Crystal Brook CWA – Solar Panels
Crystal Brook Football Club – Ladies Bathroom Upgrade
Crystal Brook Golf Club – Defibrillator
Crystal Brook Lawn Tennis Club – Upgrade lights
Crystal Brook North Western Agricultural Society Inc. – Water Catchment Storage – Greening and Fire containment
Gulnare/Redhill Football & Netball Club – Kitchen Flooring Upgrade
Mundoora Bowling Club Inc. – Shelter Roof Replacement and Rainwater Tank
Nurom/Whim Historical Group – Three Bridges Signage
Port Broughton Combined Sporting Club – Community funeral catering
Redhill Bowling Club – Green Sprayer