Yambuk local turns up for Wind Farm Operator position

24 September 2013

The first applicant for our newly advertised Wind Farm Operator position arrived for his interview at Yambuk, South West Victoria on the weekend.

According to Wind Farm Supervisor Adrian Ciccocioppo, his communication skills may need some development, but his climbing abilities and cuddly cuteness will put him in top spot for the position.

In Australia, it is estimated that there are as few as 43,000 koalas left in the wild. Although not officially an endangered species, koala populations have dropped significantly over the last decade, due to logging, agricultural and urban development. Protecting them as a species is therefore of paramount importance.

Following the interview (which took a little longer than expected between sleeping sessions), our health and safety officers made sure our likeable candidate found his way safely back to his treetop home down the road, just as our officers take care of us in our work endeavours every day.

Pacific Hydro is keen to hear from other suitable candidates who may be interested in the Wind Farm Operator position.

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