Wind farms deliver overwhelming positive outcomes for communities

12 March 2013

Wind Farms have had their fair share of negative publicity in recent times with claims of community division, property being devalued and potential health impacts.

By contrast, Pacific Hydro’s experience of operating wind farms in Australia for over 10 years (see highlights and videos in our timeline) has been one of overwhelming positive outcomes – both for the local community, regional jobs and clean energy generation.

Employing local people to build and operate our projects has always been a priority. It is something we are passionate about as people working at their local project spend their money locally while also building their skills in this 21st Century profession.

Of course the size of a wind farm dictates the number of people needed to build and operate it, but typically, modern wind farms requires at least 300 people to build them and at least 8 people to maintain and operate them.

On the issue of land values, Council information around Pacific Hydro’s projects indicates to that property values have continued to increase in line with expectations with no discernible impact from the wind farm – negative or positive.

And community support for our projects continues to be strong.

It seems that the positive impacts that come from wind farms are not just being seen around Pacific Hydro’s projects, as seen in this video featured in a story by the Ballarat Courier about the Waubra wind farm (note, this is not owned by Pacific Hydro).


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