Win a VIP wind farm tour to celebrate our 20 years of clean energy

6 May 2013

To celebrate our 20 years of clean energy Pacific Hydro is giving you the chance to join us for a VIP tour of our Challicum Hills wind farm (approximate value of $1,000 per person). It’s a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with what was Australia’s largest wind farm when completed in 2003.

Located on private farming land just east of Ararat, in western Victoria, the Challicum Hills wind farm generates enough clean electricity to supply approximately 26,000 homes each year and has created significant employment, investment and tourism opportunities in the region.

The VIP tour will leave Melbourne by helicopter on the morning of 15 June 2013, which coincides with Global Wind Day, and will travel to Challicum Hills for a personalised tour of the wind farm, hosted by our Australian head of operations. After the tour, winners will enjoy a decadent lunch and wine tasting at the award winning Mt Langi Ghiran winery before returning to Melbourne in the afternoon via return helicopter trip.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we will be offsetting all flight carbon emissions.

The competition will be open from 6 May to 26 May and 5 lucky winners will join us on this exclusive trip.

Entering is as easy as following these directions:

Click on the image below and follow the prompts to log into Rafflecopter, with either your Facebook log in or your email address. You have the opportunity to gain up to three entries per person!

Pacific Hydro Wind Farm Competition

Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is open to all Australian residents over 18 years old; however winners must be available in Melbourne CBD to attend the tour on 15 June 2013 (subject to weather conditions). Pacific Hydro will not compensate winners for travel expenses to or from Melbourne, Victoria.
2. If the winner is unable to attend, they can either transfer their place to someone else (upon notice in writing to Pacific Hydro prior to 15 June 2013) or forfeit their place.
3. The prize is not transferrable for dates, nor redeemable for cash.
4. If the weather is deemed to be unsafe for flying and visiting the site, the tour will be postponed and all winners will be notified. Pacific Hydro reserves the right to make this decision up until 24 hours prior to the tour departing Melbourne. If the tour is postponed, Pacific Hydro will not be liable for the winners’ travel expenses to or from Melbourne, Victoria
5. Winners are recommended to dress appropriately for the tour; closed toe shoes must be worn and warm clothing and sun protection all need to be taken into account.
6. By accepting a place on this tour, you give Pacific Hydro the right to use any video, photographs, testimonials or personal information in future marketing activities.
7. Winners are responsible for advising Pacific Hydro of any dietary requirements that they may have, at least 3 business days before the tour, so arrangements can be made where applicable.
8. The competition will run from 6 May to 26 May 2013 and no entries will be accepted after Rafflecopter closes off the competition.
9. The winners of this competition will be drawn online via Rafflecopter on 27 May 2013, and therefore, the winners will be randomly generated and final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding how the winners of this competition are drawn.
10. The names of the winners will be published on 28 May 2013 on the Pacific Hydro Australia’s blog.
11. The individual winners will be notified by email or phone on 28 May 2013.
12. Pacific Hydro staff or their family are not eligible to enter.
13. For the purpose of this competition, Pacific Hydro means Pacific Hydro Investments Pty Ltd ABN 18 053 747 407.

Please contact us via email should you have any queries about this competition.


  • C
    07 May 2013
    1st sustainability report - 2009
  • Luke Kendall
    09 May 2013
    Favorite Pacific Hydro moment? Without a doubt, the first commercial wind farm at Codrington back in 2001
  • Terry Gilsenan
    10 May 2013
    The Ord River Hydro project opened in 1997 is a standout moment. A deserving winner of The Engineering Excellence Award in 1996
  • Hamilton B
    12 May 2013
    The 2006 Accreditation to sell GreenPower. This was an important step as it allows responsible businesses to make the choice to make a difference to the environment.
  • Kim Magrath
    13 May 2013
    2005 - Owned by 5 Mill Australian Members of Industry Super Funds Such a positive, long-term investment in Australia's sustainable future.
  • Katrina P
    13 May 2013
    Founded in Australia by Dr. Philip van der Riet in 1993
  • Peter Macejka
    13 May 2013
    Cape Nelson South wind farm, amazing clean energy is simply a joy and gives such hope for the future.
  • Brett Bidwell
    13 May 2013
    2012 - Becoming Australia's newest energy retailer smacks of being a serious game changer for our industry
  • Effie Bakkalis
    14 May 2013
    2011 - Opening of Chacayes hydro power plant. What a brilliant plan, which will end up reducing so much greenhouse gas in the environment.
  • Colleen Stewart
    14 May 2013
    2011 Codrington: Australia’s first commercial wind farm harnessing winds blowing off the Southern Ocean, pioneering the concept of alternate energy sources.
  • Jaso Ellerton
    15 May 2013
    2011 Codrington: Australia’s first commercial wind farm harnessing winds blowing off the Southern Ocean, pioneering the concept of alternate energy sources.
  • Natalia Smith
    16 May 2013
    Crowlands wind farm project. approved in 2010 but not yet completed.
  • Henry Clayton
    17 May 2013
    Great competition to highlight great initiatives!
  • Tara F
    20 May 2013
    2009 Completion of Cape Nelson Wind Farm as it provided jobs in my hometown of Portland!
  • Noeleen McRae
    20 May 2013
    2011 Codrington: Australia’s first commercial wind farm harnessing winds blowing off the Southern Ocean, pioneering the concept of alternate energy sources.
  • Georgina Downey
    21 May 2013
    2005 - Launching the Sustainable Communities Fund as an Australian first in the wind industry - showing your commitment to the local communities directly impacted by the wind farms. Love it.
  • M Piper
    24 May 2013
    2010, pacific hydro comes to South Australia!!!
  • Glenda
    25 May 2013
    There are many achievements of Pacific Hydro that are fantastic. It's hard to chose just one favourite however the launching of the Sustainable Communities fund in Australia in 2005 is a stand out .. Well Done Pacific Hydro!
  • Samantha Falconer
    25 May 2013
    2002....Pacific Hydro Chile was founded, wonderful!
  • Angie Boylan
    25 May 2013
    Pacific Hydro received the ‘Environmental Initiative of the Year’ Award for its 111MW Chacayes run-of-river hydro power plant in Chile at the International Tunnelling Awards 2011. What a fanastic achievement!
  • Lindy King
    26 May 2013
    Victorian Hydro plants in 1995 on Lake Glenmaggie and Lake William Hovell. The start of many great projects that established the use of green energy. Fabulous, and very admirable.
  • Jonathan O'Dea
    26 May 2013
    My favourite Pacific Hydro achievement is the initial establishment of the Victorian Hydroelectric power plants in 1995. To be able to generate energy from hydroelectric power in the driest continent on Earth is admirable. It is a clear indication of the company's success and capabilities which have clearly been seen since then.

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