McCrann needs to take his own advice

27 November 2012

Terry McCrann needs to take some of his own advice before accusing others of omitting key facts in the energy debate (27/11/2012: China Gives the Lie to Tim’s Fantasies).

While it is true that “if the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine, the power don’t flow” the last time we looked the sun continues to rise and the wind continues to blow with regular monotony, much we assume to McCranns frustration.

Let’s look at South Australia, where renewable energy now makes up well over 20% of that state’s electricity supply and old fossil fuel power stations are being turned off. 

Before McCrann condemns us, no it’s not just renewable energy that has caused this but independent regulators like the Australian Energy Market Operator are unambiguous when they state it has played a significant role.

According to these same independent regulators there has been no increase in so called “spinning reserve” to back up all these renewables, rather renewable energy is accepted into the market and managed with a minimum of fuss.

These are real industry experts as opposed to some of the people that McCrann relies on like climate change sceptic and nuclear power spruikers such as Tom Quirk.  Not only have these people lost touch with the modern energy market but they almost exclusively rely on increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories (like former Prime Minister Howard was a closet greenie) and their fading memory of what the energy industry used to be.

Sorry Terry, but the world moves on, old technologies (and some so called experts) fade away and better, cleaner, healthier technologies come forward.


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