Large scale renewables: fresh from the farm

10 October 2012

Pacific Hydro is celebrating a major milestone this year - our 20 year anniversary. The anniversary has provided us an opportunity to reflect on the changes in the energy sector that have taken place in Australia and around the world.

They are truly huge changes. Not only the progress of renewable energy, but also awareness amongst the public of both how we generate energy and energy efficiency and of course, the challenges that climate change presents.

I expect as delegates at the All-Energy conference this week you are going to hear a lot about renewable energy policy, especially the Renewable energy target, least cost energy options, grid and regulatory challenges amongst other things. These are all critical issues.

And while I will bend your ears about the RET a little later, I would like to start by stepping back and looking at the current situation and perception of renewable energy.

Now I could do this by quoting stats from a poll or research on public sentiment and policy settings but instead I’m going to start with something a little different...


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