How noisy is a wind farm?

23 August 2012

Noise levels are one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to discussing wind farms.

While modern wind turbines are designed to minimise noise levels, they do still produce some noise, which can be attributed to a combination of two main sources; mechanical noise and aerodynamic noise.

However, both of these noises diminish considerably with distance from the wind farm and may be masked by the background noise environment from every day sounds, such as the wind passing through trees and around buildings.

Here at Pacific Hydro we take our responsibility to manage noise levels seriously; conducting extensive acoustic assessments and noise monitoring, while working alongside our community to meet all relevant government regulations and/or planning conditions.

This video prepared by the Clean Energy Council was filmed without any audio trickery and compares the sound of wind farms with other commonplace noises in regional Australian communities. It’s worth a watch to give some perspective of how noisy a wind farm actually is.

For more information about noise, please click here to visit our Information Centre.


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