Health and safety programs biggest winners of Sustainable Communities Fund

25 June 2012

Programs aimed at improving the health and safety of community members in the Clements  Gap area are the biggest winners of this year’s Sustainable Communities Fund.

Just some of the health and safety programs that shared in the $50,000 fund include the Port Broughton Bowling Club and Crystal Brook’s Adelaide Square playground who will install sun shades and the Mid North Positive Mental Health facility in Crystal Brook will build a user friendly foot path.

“There are some truly notable initiatives receiving funding that encourage health and safety awareness and we are proud to be able to support these programs,” said General Manager, Australia, Mr Lane Crockett.

Mr Crockett congratulated the high level of volunteer involvement in the area. “It is really encouraging to see the quality of the programs proposed, which is indicative of the level of commitment and dedication in the community.”

“We received 26 applications and while it is unfortunate that we were not able to fund them all, we are pleased that more than half of the applications received funding,” said Mr Crockett.

Mr Crockett asked unsuccessful applicants not to be disheartened. “It is important to remember that the Fund opens every year for the operating life of the Clements Gap Wind Farm. We find the short listing process extremely difficult but most groups will receive a share of the $1 million Fund at some point.”

“We congratulate the community groups who have received funding and extend our thanks to the Barunga West and Port Pirie Councils who have assisted us in reviewing applications. Their help has been instrumental in identifying local priorities,” added Mr Crockett.

The Clements Gap Sustainable Communities Fund supports community activities taking place within local areas surrounding the Clements Gap Wind Farm. The Fund covers environmental, health, sporting, cultural and educational projects and is available for the life of the wind farm’s operation.


  • Tony O'Dea
    11 Jul 2012
    Hello there, Firstly, I would like to congratulate you re the Communities Funding which has been ongoing for quite a few years now, and many worthy organisations have been very appreciative beneficaries. I would even go so far as to suggest that it has enabled some to " survive ". Great achievement for small communities where it is becoming very difficult for small groups to all have their heads in the small and decreasing financial "trough". I am, however, rather surprised to read that you rely on the Pirie Regional Council ( should read Pirie City Council ) for advice and assistance. They would prefer not to have us, we are considered a burden and do not receive the assistance we deserve. We do however , have to pay the same rate in the dollar when it comes to Rates. Very unfair really, because we do not have the same services, facilities, resources. amenities etc. as the city does. What really highlighted this to me, was when I saw that you have allocated a considerable amount for shadesails over the playground here in the Brook. If my memory serves me correctly, you have actually given money to the Council because that project was supposed to be done in last years budget. Labour to install was going to be done on a voluntary basis by the, Apex Club. I am really only trying to express my opinion that you should not rely too heavily on Council recommendations. I would much rather you rely on your own judgement after reading all applications Barunga Council is a completely different scenario, they have a rural mindset, and have done excellent work throughout their " whole " region. Keep up the good work ! Regards, Tony
  • pacifichydro
    12 Jul 2012
    Good point, Tony! That is why we are careful not to channel our community funding through local Councils. You are correct in that we do consult with local Councils as part of our process, but this is mainly to avoid duplicate funding of programs and to get their local perspective. Given your comment, we have some exciting news that might interest you. This year we will be trialling a new way to review applications; we are creating a Fund Allocation Panel in each community. We will be seeking nominations from community members to participate on the panel and help with the funding allocation process. There will be four community member positions on each panel as well as staff from Pacific Hydro and a representative from local Council/s. The panel will review applications together and jointly agree on which projects receive the funds each year. We hope this will increase the transparency and accountability of the Sustainable Communities Fund –perhaps you will consider nominating yourself for a panel? Details of how to nominate are will be available in the near future so watch this space if you want to be involved! Thanks again for your feedback.

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