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Let’s talk about your electricity bill

Let’s talk about your electricity bill. We know it’s on your mind! In recent years electricity bills have been rising. Some people are blaming investment in renewable energy but did you know that the biggest reason it’s been going up due to investment in the poles and wires that carry the electricity

Challicum Hills wind farm celebrates 10th anniversary

Pacific Hydro is celebrating 10 years of successful operation at our Challicum Hills wind farm at Ararat this November

September 2013

Yambuk local turns up for Wind Farm Operator position

The first applicant for our newly advertised Wind Farm Operator position arrived for his interview at Yambuk, South West Victoria on the weekend

June 2013

VIP wind farm tour a success

Last Saturday Pacific Hydro celebrated Global Wind Day by hosting the winners of our VIP wind farm tour competition at Challicum Hills

May 2013

And the winners are…

To help celebrate 20 years of clean energy, we recently ran a competition for entrants to win a VIP wind farm tour. After receiving over 250 entries, we are very excited to announce our five lucky winners

Win a VIP wind farm tour to celebrate our 20 years of clean energy

To celebrate our 20 years of clean energy Pacific Hydro is giving you the chance to join us for a VIP tour of our Challicum Hills wind farm (approximate value of $1,000 per person)

Top 10 tips for writing a winning Sustainable Communities Fund application

Learn how to write a winning Sustainable Communities Fund application!

March 2013

Wind farms deliver overwhelming positive outcomes for communities

Wind Farms have had their fair share of negative publicity in recent times with claims of community division, property being devalued and potential health impacts.

February 2013

Cape Bridgewater wind farm opens its gates

Local residents and tourists alike had the chance to enjoy getting up close to a wind turbine when Pacific Hydro threw open the doors of its Cape Bridgewater wind farm, located in Southwest Victoria

December 2012

Another fan of wind energy

The popularity of tours and open days held at our sites over the years has shown us that wind farms hold a fascination for many members of the general public. But clearly humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the chance to get an up close look at our wind turbines! This roo was recently [...]

November 2012

Congratulations Port Fairy!

Port Fairy, the tiny seaside town nestled near to the Codrington and Yambuk Wind Farms has this week received an accolade that belies its small size, being named the World’s Most Liveable Town for 2012. The LivCom award for the most liveable town with a population under 20,000 was announced at a special ceremony in [...]

McCrann needs to take his own advice

Terry McCrann needs to take some of his own advice before accusing others of omitting key facts in the energy debate (27/11/2012: China Gives the Lie to Tim’s Fantasies). While it is true that “if the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine, the power don’t flow” the last time we looked the sun [...]

Business has an opportunity to help grow renewable energy and support jobs and communities in regional areas

Many companies, including Pacific Hydro, are recognising that Information and Communications Technology (ICT), formally known as IT, is an important area of their business where improving sustainability outcomes can not only mean saving energy and reducing costs, but it can also help to reduce landfill, preserve rare earth metals and educate employees on these issues [...]

October 2012

Large scale renewables: fresh from the farm

Pacific Hydro is celebrating a major milestone this year – our 20 year anniversary. The anniversary has provided us an opportunity to reflect on the changes in the energy sector that have taken place in Australia and around the world. They are truly huge changes. Not only the progress of renewable energy, but also awareness [...]

September 2012

It’s not broken so don’t break it

The large scale renewable energy target, LRET, is the primary market based policy to incentivise the deployment of large-scale renewable energy in Australia. History demonstrates that success breeds contempt from others as, since its inception in 2001, fossil fuel interests have constantly tried to hold back renewables fearing they will threaten the status quo. And [...]

More wind, less emissions. It’s not a coincidence.

It’s been an exceptional week, month and year for generating wind power across the southern states. In the last week we’ve seen some exceptional generation, particularly in South Australia when, on Wednesday the 5th of September, more than half of the state’s electricity came from wind. The lights stayed on and some power was even [...]

August 2012

How noisy is a wind farm?

Noise levels are one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to discussing wind farms. While modern wind turbines are designed to minimise noise levels, they do still produce some noise, which can be attributed to a combination of two main sources; mechanical noise and aerodynamic noise.

July 2012

Australians’ strong renewables backing

As reported yesterday, the Climate Institute launched Climate of the Nation 2012 which is an annual research piece that seeks to understand the attitudes of Australians regarding climate change and energy. While this year’s report finds that Australians are exhausted by the politics around climate policy and are somewhat confused on climate change science their [...]

RET a must for future energy security and health

Today’s Australian Financial Review published a letter from Greg Evans of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry attacking the Renewable Energy Target (RET). Sadly, he misses the mark as to the main causes of energy price rises and ignores the important benefits of a clean energy

June 2012

Health and safety programs biggest winners of Sustainable Communities Fund

Programs aimed at improving the health and safety of community members in the Clements  Gap area are the biggest winners of this year’s Sustainable Communities Fund. Just some of the health and safety programs that shared in the $50,000 fund include the Port Broughton Bowling Club and Crystal Brook’s Adelaide Square playground who will install [...]

Vale and Pacific Hydro form wind energy joint venture in Brazil

We are excited to announce that last week, we signed a consortium agreement to jointly build and operate two wind farms in Brazil’s northeast with Vale, the world’s second-largest mining company. The agreement was signed in Brazil by our CEO, Rob Grant and Vale’s CEO, Murilo Ferreira, in the presence of Australia’s Prime Minister Julia [...]

Pacific Hydro advances with its first wind farm in Chile

Earlier this month, we submitted the Declaration of Environmental Impact of our first wind farm project in Chile to the Environmental Assessment Service of the Coquimbo Region. The Punta Sierra wind farm will be located in the municipality of Ovalle, approximately 320km north of the capital Santiago, and will generate around 310 GWh/year, enough power [...]

Moree Solar Farm: Down but not out

The Moree Solar Farm (MSF) consortium of Pacific Hydro and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) are extremely disappointed with today’s announcement by the Federal Government that funding has been withdrawn from the Moree Solar Farm project. “We are disappointed by the decision as we believe the Moree Solar Farm remains a project of the highest quality [...]