Contractors and suppliers

At Pacific Hydro, our business relationships are important and we welcome your interest in working with us.

In evaluating any offer, we look for quality, value and alignment with our own policies and practices. Our Health, Safety and Sustainability Policy can be viewed here.


Construction projects

Pacific Hydro aims to award construction contracts to a single party which in turn engages local civil and electrical subcontractors.

If you are interested in subcontracting on any of our projects, it is advisable to register your services, labour supply and availability with local Councils, Development Boards and the Industry Capability Network for inclusion on their databases. Pacific Hydro will direct major contractors to these databases as a part of its information sharing processes.


Register your interest

Potential suppliers that wish to provide materials or services should register their interest by email.

Please note that registration of an interest to supply goods or services does not constitute any status of approval. Pacific Hydro may invite your company to formally register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for specific projects or packages, which will also be listed on this website. A ‘pre-qualification’ process will also be undertaken prior to, or as part of any evaluation.


Current Tenders

Title Description Opens Closes Contact
Tango Energy (retail arm of Pacific Hydro) Marketing suppliers for advertising and creatives services, media planning and buying, digital marketing and website design 18 Sept 2019 4 Oct 2019
Ord Hydro Fire Suppression System  Request for quotation on upgraded fire suppression system  23 Sept 2019 30 Sept 2019 Daniel Choi
Ord Transmission Line Extension Tender Request for tender for Ord Transmission Line Extension 23 Sept 2019 18 Oct 2019 Anna Coffa
Gearboxes Provision of Gearboxes for Senvion MM92 and MM82 Wind
26 Sept 2019 4 Oct 2019 Adrian Ciccocioppo
Gearbox Oil Provision of Gearboxes oil 30 Sept 2019 11 Oct 2019 Adrian Ciccocioppo
Feasibility Study for a Hydrogen Facility Feasibility Study for a Hydrogen Facility 7 Oct 2019 5pm AEST,    16 Oct 2019 Maja Barnett