Durban offers hope for action on climate change

14 December 2011

Leading Australian renewable energy company, Pacific Hydro welcomes the progress made in the international climate talks which wrapped up in Durban on 11 December.

Lane Crockett, General Manager Australia, stated that the completion of the talks shows countries around the globe are working hard to find an agreement to address dangerous climate change.

“Durban highlighted the urgency for action on climate change and underscored the importance of strong action by all countries,” said Mr Crockett.

The Durban conference indicated that 190 nations are keen to increase action to address climate change at both domestic and international levels.

“With each international climate meeting we see increasing levels of domestic action and the commitment to develop a comprehensive global agreement is stronger than ever,” said Mr Crockett.

There were three major achievements or outcomes from this years’ Durban Climate Conference.

The first action is that all major carbon pollution emitters including, most importantly, China, India and the United States will negotiate a legally binding accord to reduce emissions by 2015 which will be implemented by 2020.

“To achieve commitment from all nations to have pollution commitments captured by a single, legally enforceable agreement marks a major step forward,” said Mr. Crockett.

The second major outcome was the decision to establish a Green Climate Fund and to develop a work plan to unlock the billions of dollars of additional investment for and adaptation and clean energy projects in the world’s poorest nations.

The third headline outcome is the extension of the Kyoto Protocol for a further five years, providing increased confidence to global carbon credit markets and the Kyoto institutions like the CDM.

“While Durban took us closer to many long-held objectives, it was also clear from the Durban Conference that there is a long way to go, domestically and globally to ensure we limit our climate to 2 degrees of warming,” said Mr Crockett.

“While we are not at risk of leading the world, our domestic actions on climate change are globally linked and this will not diminish over time.”

“The Clean Energy Future legislation is a clear step forward, but Durban emphasised that we will need to take stronger action to keep up with other nations and ensure that collectively,  we act to achieve a safe climate ,” said Mr Crockett.